AV-TEST Awards 2017 go to Bitdefender

The AV-TEST awards are now an established institution in the IT industry. This year, the Institute is now presenting its internationally recognized awards for the seventh time. Bitdefender was among the top finishers in the race for the title of the best IT security products of the year 2017, emerging as winner of six of the sixteen top awards. Bitdefender demonstrated superb results in the test categories of PROTECTION, PERFORMANCE, REPAIR and ANDROID SECURITY.


The awards – a year of peak performance

There are many IT security products on the market. And as the regular tests by the AV-TEST Institute prove, many of them are good, and some are even excellent. Yet in order to earn an AV-TEST award, that’s not enough. The “World Champion” title is reserved to the absolute top products offering performance that sets new standards in IT security and making a significant contribution towards prevention. These products continuously excel in the laboratories of the AV-Test Institute over the entire test season, demonstrating peak performance in the test categories of protection, performance, repair and Android security. And they did so from start to finish: In six two-month intervals, these IT products for home users and corporate users were able to outperform the competition.


The awards for best protection on Windows systems go to Bitdefender, both in terms of products for end users and products for corporate users. The manufacturer receives the awards for outstanding protection delivered by its products “Internet Security” and “Endpoint Security”.

Due to the strong protection along with minimal reduction of system resources, AV-TEST is honoring the two products “Bitdefender Internet Security” and “Bitdefender Endpoint Security” with the Best Performance 2017 Award.

In case of an emergency, such as a successful virus infection, it is imperative to regain control over the infected systems as quickly as possible. The product “Bitdefender Internet Security” proved to be the best form of assistance in such desperate situations and thus earned the Best Repair 2017 Award.

Safely warding off attacks aimed at the Google operating system is among the ever-increasing challenges of IT security. In the 2017 test year, “Bitdefender Mobile Security” managed to perfectly protect corporate users deploying a BYOD strategy, along with the ever-growing number of private devices.