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Websites Setup Support

Bar | Night Club | Music Venue


Home Page

Will be the first page people will see once they click a link to your website. It’s got to look good.

About Page

A little bite of your history that got you in business or some family info.

Events Page

This is where your Calendar and for third party ticketing platforms. Calendar plugins have to be maintained. Events have to be entered so it is searchable and marketable.

Food Menu Page

We have menu software programs tat can build an Main Menu, Bar Menu, Table Tent Menu all in a theme that matches your website theme or Holiday Theme

Need More Pages?

We can add more pages if needed

Louie’s Cocktail Lounge

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Full media support. Full booking website.

On Fire Pizza

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Hospitality Services Marketing

Clubs, Music Venues and Restaurants are best focused on social marketing like Facebook. Ratings are key. Maintaining the best quality user experience for the tools that you have. And showing hi level’s hospitality will go a long way. Maintaining a hi rating with Google, Facebook, Yelp can have a great impact on your business. Good business can lead to good reviews. Try not to push review postings to clients especially with Yelp. Let people post reviews naturally. Wanting to give you a review without asking is always best.

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